2022 Indiana Michigan Power Company (I&M) All-Source RFP

Request for Proposals

Archival page. This RFP is now closed. To access the 2022 RFP documents, please click the links below:

Indiana Michigan Power Company (I&M), via Charles River Associates (CRA) serving as the Independent Monitor, has now issued the 2022 All-Source RFP which seeks additional generation and capacity resources consistent with its 2021 IRP as follows: 

  • Approximately 800 MW of Wind via a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) for purchase of 100% equity interest in a project company or a power purchase agreement (PPA) for purchase of Renewable Energy Products produced by a Wind resource
  • Approximately 500 MW of Solar via a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) for purchase of 100% equity interest in a project company or a power purchase agreement (PPA) for purchase of Renewable Energy Products produced by a Solar resource
  • Supplemental Capacity Resources to meet overall capacity need via a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) for purchase of 100% equity interest in a project company or a power purchase agreement (PPA) for purchase of Supplemental Capacity Products produced by a Supplemental Capacity Resource

Questions regarding this RFP should be emailed to I&M2022RFP@aep.com with carbon copy to IMAllSourceRFP@CRAI.com.

CRA will post a list of the non-confidential “Questions and Answers” at its website on a weekly basis following the issuance of the RFP until the Proposal Due Date.

RFP Schedule

MilestoneTarget Date
RFP Issued3/10/2022
Proposal Due Date4/21/2022
Bidder(s) Selected for Final Contract Negotiations7/5/2022
Contract ExecutionNovember 2022
State Regulatory FilingsDecember 2022
Receipt of Full Regulatory Approval Order(s)April 2023
Seller Conditions to NTP achievedJune 2023
Notice to Proceed (NTP)June 2023
Commercial Operation byDecember 2024 or December 2025

To view and download the RFP Documents, please navigate to the Documents section.

Please note that certain documents are available only after execution of a Confidentiality Agreement (CA). Please refer to Section 6.4 of the RFP for more information. Bidders should request I&M’s Form CA by emailing I&M2022RFP@aep.com with cc to IMAllSourceRFP@CRAI.com. Please include the following documentation:
• Verification of Site Control as required by Section 3.8.10.
• Completed interconnection study as follows:
• PJM Projects: Completed PJM System Impact Study as required by Section 3.9.2 and 3.9.5, or
• MISO Projects: Completed Final DPP SIS and Network Upgrade Facilities Study and Firm Transmission into PJM as required by Section 3.9.3, or
• I&M Distribution Projects: Completed I&M Distribution Impact Study as required by Section 3.9.4.

Stakeholder Engagement (Completed)

Please note the stakeholder engagement and feedback process has now concluded. The information set forth below is for reference purposes.

I&M is currently developing an All-Source RFP which seeks to secure the supply-side generation needs as part of the preferred portfolio as outlined in the 2021 Integrated Resource Plan and presented in the November 2021 stakeholder meeting.   Consistent with this portfolio, AEP seeks up to 800 MW of Wind resources, 500 MW of Solar resources, and other qualified capacity resources from thermal, standalone storage, emerging technologies, and other capacity resources to meet an overall capacity portfolio to be reviewed within the parameters of the company’s IRP.  To bring these resources online in a timely manner, I&M is initiating an All-Source Request for Proposals (RFP) process.  In addition, I&M is commencing a stakeholder outreach process to receive feedback on the planning and development of the RFP.  This website is managed by Charles River Associates (“CRA”) on behalf of I&M. CRA has been engaged by I&M to serve as the Independent Monitor on I&M’s All-Source RFP.  Overall, CRA will serve in a lead role with respect to the stakeholder engagement processes associated with the RFP, ensuring that stakeholder input is incorporated into the competitive procurement process, screening RFP responses, and monitor AEP/I&M’s efforts associated with the development, issuance, and evaluation of the bids.

CRA is actively soliciting feedback from customer groups and potential participants.  To this end, CRA has established a dedicated e-mail to receive comments from stakeholders at IMAllSourceRFP@CRAI.com.  Stakeholders should direct any questions, concerns, suggestions, or comments for consideration and potential inclusion in the upcoming RFP directly to CRA via this e-mail address. With regards to feedback and comments received via the e-mail box, CRA will adhere to the following process:

  1. CRA will review the communication to identify whether the issue is addressable in the context of the RFP and to formulate their independent recommendation with respect to the communication.
  2. CRA will share only the core content of the communication and not any identifying information with respect to the sender either with I&M or other parties unless otherwise compelled to do so by law.  As noted, CRA will provide a recommendation with respect to the items raised by the stakeholders to I&M, who may accept or reject such recommendations.
  3. At the conclusion of the RFP process, CRA will provide a report which reflects the feedback received as part of the stakeholder process, the recommendations CRA has made, and whether such recommendations have been adopted by I&M in the RFP.

The table below summarizes the schedule of key events in the stakeholder engagement process..

PurposeLinkDate and Time
RFP Development MeetingDiscussion with stakeholders in the development of the All-Source RFP.Concluded; View Slide PresentationJanuary 18, 2022 @ 3PM Eastern
Draft RFP ReleasedDraft RFP documents and evaluation factors will be posted publicly on this website for comment by all stakeholders.To be posted to DocumentsJanuary 28, 2022
Pre-RFP Stakeholder meetingDiscussion with stakeholders to review the draft RFP, minimum eligibility requirements, and evaluation factors.Meeting RegistrationFebruary 8, 2022 @ 3 PM Eastern
Comments DueDue date for written comments from all stakeholders to the IM.Send comments via e-mail: IMAllSourceRFP@CRAI.comFebruary 18, 2022
Stakeholder Meeting and Feedback Schedule

As noted in the table above, two stakeholder meetings have been scheduled.  The first meeting in the schedule above is the RFP Development meeting.  In this meeting, CRA will be leading a discussion with stakeholders on the overall development and planning of the All-Source RFP.  This meeting will cover the following agenda:

  1. Introduction to the RFP Process
  2. Introduction of CRA as the Independent Monitor
  3. An overview of the resources and needs sought under the All-Source RFP.
  4. The proposed evaluation criteria, including non-price factors.
  5. The overall process and timeline for review and release of the RFP.
  6. The stakeholder feedback process and instructions.
  7. Open Q&A on the RFP process.

To register for this meeting, please click on the following registration link: Meeting Registration.

In addition to the RFP Planning Meeting, a Pre-RFP Stakeholder meeting has been scheduled to review the RFP documents that are currently under development and will be issued on January 28, 2022.  At this meeting, we will cover the following agenda:

  1. The resource types sought under the RFP
  2. Minimum eligibility and threshold requirements
  3. The RFP evaluation process
  4. Non-price factors that will be considered in the evaluation process
  5. The stakeholder feedback instructions
  6. Open Q&A on the RFP

To register for this meeting, please click on the following registration link: Meeting Registration

After registration, instructions on how to join the webinar and a calendar invite will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

If you have any questions regarding the above, feel free to reach out to CRA at IMAllSourceRFP@crai.com.